The 4 dynamics of Integral change

The 4 dynamics of Integral change

4 dynamics integral change

To successfully live your Unique Self, you need to Clean Up, Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up.

The 4 dynamics of the Integral Theory by Ken Wilber offers a new operating system to do just this.

It is the critical calling of our time.

Come and experiment with the 4 dynamics of Integral change during this one day workshop.


Saturday may 12th 2018 from 9 AMto 5 PM


Institut of Neurocognitivism
avenue de Tervuren, 81 · Bruxelles




Vincent De Waele




Richard Verboomen

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about the 4 dynamics of Integral change

In this feature presentation from the 2016 SAND Conference, Ken Wilber explains why the path of “waking up” (spiritual awakening) needs to be complemented by the path of “growing up” (psychological maturity) in order to renew and replenish our understanding of enlightenment in the 21st century.

How Much

FEE: 50€

IBAN BE83 1142 6007 4815


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