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Beck has elaborated upon the work of his mentor, Clare Graves, to develop a multidimensional model for understanding the transformation of human values and cultures. As cofounder of the National Values Center in Denton, Texas, and CEO of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc., Beck travels widely, teaching the theory and practical applications of Spiral Dynamics.


Beck made more than 63 consulting trips to South Africa between 1981 and 1988 and documented his role in the peaceful abolishment of Apartheid in the book The Crucible: Forging South Africa's Future (1991) with Graham Linscott.

"My role was to shift the categories people were using to describe the South African groupings from 'race,' 'ethnicity,' 'gender,' and 'class' into the natural value-system patterns and the dynamics of change. Many were able to connect across these great divides to find the basis for a sense of being 'South African.' Mr. Mandela sought for a non-racist, non-ethnic, non-tribal, and non-gender society, one based on human respect and mutual accountability."

Both houses of the Texas State Legislature adopted a resolution commending Beck "on his many extraordinary contributions toward peace and understanding in South Africa."

Currently a Fellow at the George Gallup Institute in Princeton, NJ, Beck taught for twenty years at the University of North Texas. He served as team psychologist for The South African Springboks, winners of the 1995 Rugby World Cup, and associated with the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, the Texas Rangers, and the U.S. Olympic Committee for Men's Track and Field. He wrote a "sports values" column for The Dallas Morning News.

As senior adviser to The Center for Human Emergence Middle East in 2005 Beck, along with the Center's CEO Elza Maalouf founded the Build Palestine Initiative , focused on the value systems alignment for the two state solution. He lives in Denton, Texas.


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