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Jane Loevinger Mesuring Ego Development Measuring ego development

Le Xuan Hy, Jane Loevinger

L. Erlbaum Associates, 1996 - Psychology - 273 pages



Lawrence Kohlberg Consensus and Controversy

Cover of: Lawrence Kholberg by Sohan Modgil
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Lawrence Kholberg
Consensus & Controversy (Falmer International Master Minds Challenged Series, Vol 1) 1 edition Published June 1, 1986 by Routledge .
Written in English.

For nearly thirty years. Lawrence Kohlberg has amplified his cognitive- development theory of moralization which has become prominent in the analysis of moral development and its consequent application to moral education.



This title offers a thorough and insightful exploration of human consciousness in all its forms. "Consciousness Explained Better" offers readers an insightful, down-to-earth, and above all, easy-to-understand exploration of consciousness in its many facets and forms. Grounded in the author's thorough understanding of the various aspects and development of consciousness, this superbly written volume examines human consciousness from a wide range of view-points - its historical evolution, its growth in the individual, its mystical dimensions, and the meaning of enlightenment - giving readers a greater understanding of how these aspects of consciousness combine to create the kaleidoscopic yet lucid experience that is the essence of humanity.
From the Back Cover

"Allan Combs has written the finest book on consciousness in modern times, bar none. I give it my very highest recommendation." --Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

"This compact volume brings forward the yearning, the brilliance, the awe, and the outrageous audacity of our search to understand consciousness... in language that speaks to the heart as well as the head." --From the Foreword by Jenny Wade, author of Changes of Mind and Transcendent Sex

"Allan Combs brings new firepower to consciousness studies, joining Ken Wilber and others who are integrating contemporary research in neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and other fields with the lore of the sacred traditions. This book is like Luke Skywalker's torpedo headed straight into the Death Star of reductive materialism." --Michael Murphy, founder of the Esalen Institute, and author of The Future of the Body

"Combs has a master teacher's gift of making abstruse concepts highly accessible. I especially enjoyed reading James re-played to me. It reminded me of András Schiff's rendering of Beethoven sonatas." --Jonathan Bricklin, James scholar and author of Sciousness



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